Features of EC2 instances:

Auto Scaling:

If one EC2 instance fails suddenly, we would require another instance to take up the job. Often we come across websites which wouldn’t load properly, that can be because the website might have received more requests…

We have seen that in case of an EC2 instance we have to understand how to manage it. To avoid such complexities we can opt for serverless compute options. In case of serverless, we don’t have to access the underlying instances that are hosting our applications.

What is AWS?

AWS is Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of Amazon that provides several APIs and Cloud Computing Platform for our needs.

Now before diving deeper, let us understand what is an API

An API or application programming interface is a connection between servers and clients or between 2…

Mathematics and Programming are the backbone of Data Science.

Why Programming is essential?

We know Data Science is a domain where you need to work with Data. Probability plays an extremely vital role. …

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Here we will cover important questions on Python for the role of a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Engineer, etc.

Visit this to learn Python.

To learn about SQL interview problems, read it here.

  1. Write a function that checks if a list of integers is normally distributed. Specifically given…

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Technical interview rounds for the role of a Data Scientist require lots of preparations. I have given several interviews and what I have observed is every company has their own set of rules of conducting it. Some are programming and ML approach driven, others are metric driven. …

On June 9, 6pm IST (8:30am EDT), I had attended Women Tech Global Conference as a Speaker to share my knowledge with the world.

What is WomenTech Global Conference?

The WomenTech Global Conference is a mission-driven program by WomenTech Network and the Coding Girls Foundation. This conference is for everyone to attend to build a…

…Ofcourse! Words Matter!

And here’s my next favourite, Atreyee Chakraborty who is a strong believer of “Pen is mightier than the sword”, an extreme “Foochkaa lover”, frugal, introvert, ailurophile and beholds an immense love for Poetries.

Atreyee Chakraborty

I remember precisely when I first met her in Bangalore. She was a content…

No Idea is too CRAZY when INNOVATION saves LIVES

Amidst Pandemic, several people approached me to learn about my Data Science journey, where I have observed a common dilemma amongst the new generation — not having clarity of thoughts of what should be the best career path for them.

This has lead to the birth of That Extra Mile…

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After many years when I caught up with my college friend, we realised how our journeys had become different. He was not the boy anymore who used to be extremely focused and ambitious back in college. …

Priyanka Banerjee

Sr. Data Scientist | Mentor of WomenTech Network| Keep Learning, Keep Sharing. https://www.pylambda.com/

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